Handcrafted Italian Bags

Why yes please!

A bag in an accessory that is unmistakable. It goes with you everywhere and can make or break an look. A bag makes a statement.

Most bags, even the top-of-the-line designer bags, are mass produced. Year after year different styles are added to the line to keep it fresh. I am not by any means discrediting designer bags. I have 2 Kate Spades that I love.

I have been recently introduced to an online boutique, Vellumy that features quality handcrafted Italian leather bags at very reasonable prices. I know I have found my next bag! I have featured some of my favorites from the collection.

I can see the inspiration behind the name of the Grace Kelly bag because it exudes ladylike elegance. It is available in 3 colors Bordeaux, Fuschia, and Blush Pink. Monnaluna bags are handmade in Florence, Italy and the designer behind all the bags is Giovanna Flavia Bruno. She draws her inspiration from the Florence Renaissance period’s humanistic theme.

To see more information about the Grace Kelly bag, or order one for yourself Click Here. Use coupon code lovezenenergy to save 7% on your purchase.

I can see the Carbotti Ruga Colours as my go-to every day bag. I love the simple, yet classic style. Carbotti bags carry the prestigious 100% Made in Italy ITPI certification. Carbotti was established in 1950 by Domenico Carbotti in Martina Franca, Italy. This company has a strong tradition of Italian craftsmanship and quality.

The Ruga Colours bag is available in 5 different colors. To see the more information about this bag or to purchase one for yourself Click Here. Use coupon code lovezenenergy to save 7% on your purchase.

The Tornabuoni Italian Leather Luggage Bag is statement piece. I would use it as an overnight or carry-on bag. Made in Italy from the highest quality leather, each bag is destined to become more unique and beautiful over time. This is due to the tanning process that uses only natural tree tannins.

To see the details about the Tornabuoni Italian Leather Luggage bag or to purchase one Click Here. Use coupon code lovezenenergy to save 7% off your purchase.

This is just a small sampling of the products available on the Vellumy online boutique. Vellumy is an Irish based company and an authorized dealer for the bags mentioned above. They curate a diverse and unique selection of high-quality Italian bags and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.

When making any purchase at Vellumy, use coupon code lovezenenergy to receive 7% off of your purchase.

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