Handcrafted Italian Bags

Why yes please! A bag in an accessory that is unmistakable. It goes with you everywhere and can make or break an look. A bag makes a statement. Most bags, even the top-of-the-line designer bags, are mass produced. Year after year different styles are added to the line to keep it fresh. I am not… Continue reading Handcrafted Italian Bags


Run For the Roses – In Style!

The famous Kentucky Derby is tomorrow (Saturday, May 4, 2019). Although I cannot tell you very much about horses, or horse racing, or the Kentucky Derby - I can tell you about the HATS! I suppose you can say I have been to more than a few Kentucky Derby parties. And I love the excuse… Continue reading Run For the Roses – In Style!

My Spiritual Experience at the Notre Dame

My Spiritual Experience at the Notre Dame

Every time I watch a news story about the Notre Dame fire I get goose bumps. It amazes me that a building can hold so much meaning to so many people. I was fortunate to visit Paris in April of 2012. I was there for Holy Week, and I even went inside the great cathedral… Continue reading My Spiritual Experience at the Notre Dame

3 Reasons Why Data Visualization Tools Are a Marketer’s Best Friend

3 Reasons why Data Visualization Tolls are a Marketer's Best Friend

Inbound marketing is all about providing compelling content that engages and informs your audience. But how do you know if your inbound marketing is reaching your target audience? Is it establishing your brand as a thought leader? Is it establishing your brand as a go-to source to solve a particular problem? We can all agree… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Data Visualization Tools Are a Marketer’s Best Friend

Celebrating Diversity with Color and Creativity

No matter the occasion, the people of Tampa love to show their creativity and celebrate through their attire. Last Saturday, March 31, 2019, was the Tampa Pride Street Festival and Parade. The rainbow of color was spectacular. My group of friends who are ready to walk in the Tampa Pride Parade This parade event is… Continue reading Celebrating Diversity with Color and Creativity

The 12 Essential Colors of Spring/Summer 2019

What colors will you be wearing? Although I live in Florida, and what Floridians call winter is anything below 60 degrees. But when you live in 90 degrees and high humidity, 60 degrees and below feels cold. My limited winter wardrobe features mostly black, navy blue, black, grey, and black. When the weather warms up,… Continue reading The 12 Essential Colors of Spring/Summer 2019